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27x20W WDMX LED Wall Washer Light

2.4G Wireless, IP65, Touch Screen, 20W RGBW LEDs, Small body with 14.5KG, Multi DMX modes, 4 dimming modes
  • DS-904
  • DS
  • DS-904
  • DMX512/ WDMX
  • IP65
  • Touch screen
  • 20W RGBW
  • 0-100%
  • 600W
  • 2/3/4/12/16/28CHS
  • 10°/25°/45° Beam Angle
  • 27x20W WDMX LED Wall Washer Light

Features & Specifications:

•DimmingO- 100% 16bit dimming. whichcancontrolthelight anddarkchanges

 andclosedightof 4 oolorsat thesame time

•Each rowof lamp beads can individu llonotrol 4oolors

•Dimmingmode. L EDmode andalogenlampmode.

•24inch TFTcolor display


•Keylockcanbe set topreventmisoperation

•Thedsplayboardcanberevesed 180, ulablofosllalatoimpesabalocattons

•Softwareupdate:Updatevia DMXlink

•Diplaythelampusage time, whichisconvenientfor customers tounderstand

 the lampusage intime

•LEDrfreshfrequency.800Hz/1200H0/20000 2/3600HZz/25000Hoptinall

 4 dimmingcurves inear, square, inverse square, Scurve

•Other functions

•Sttings and addressing. RDM

•LEDtemperature detection systemtoprotect the ifof thelampbeads

•Fancooling (thefanchanges its speedwithtemperature changesl

•Fanmode. automatic and high-speedmode sMitching

•Adfusercanbe addedonthe surfaceofthe lamptochange the angle, andthe

 dfuser is atractedbya magnet Corvenient

•Power/signall connect

•Power connection Seetronic powerCONIN (SAC3MPX/OUT (SAC3FPX)

 walerproof power socket

•DMXinputwaterproof DMXcard dragonseat 3-pin Seetronic J3F2C-W

•DMXoutputwaterproof DMX card dragonseat 3-pinSeetronic K3F2C-W


•27pcs 20W RGBW LEDs Max.Power 600W

•Hosuing materiat diecast aluminum

•Waterproof rating IP65


 uldoorworking temperatue.20C~ +40C

•Packing slze 660+ 280*455mm

•Net weight 14.3KG

•Grossweight 15.8KG


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