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Pearl 1024 console

  • DS-136
  • DS
  • DS-136
  • 17kg
  • Carton or Flightcase
  • Four DMX outputs, up to 64 DMX channels
  • 0-100%
  • 2 years
  • 90V-250V
  • IP22

Features & Specifications:
• DMX512 / 1990 standard, maximum 1024 DMX control channel, optically isolated signal output.
• Maximum control 96 or 96 computer lights dimming, use pearl light library(R20 format light library), the console can be prepared to light library.
• Built-in graphics trajectory generator, there are 135 built-in graphics, user-friendly graphical fixtures trajectory control,
  such as a circle, spiral, rainbow, chase and other effects.                                                     
• Graphics parameters (such as: amplitude, speed, interval, waves, direction) can be set independently,
  more convenient and quick to make the desired shape and the scene                                                    
• 60 repeat scenes, scenes for storing multi-step and single-step scene                                                                                                         
• Each multi-step scenario can store up to 600 steps                               
• Data can be saved after switching off the console
• U-disk backup and upgrade                 
• Mating number of fixtures: 96                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
• Professional gooseneck lights for indoor and outdoor performances (optional)
• Power: AC 100- 240V / 50-60Hz         
• DMX512 channels: 1024                                         
• Fixtures re-connected with the address code: Support                                                           
• Lamps horizontal and vertical exchange: Support
• Lamps channel inverting output: Support                                                                                 
• Lamps channel sliding mode switch: Support
• Each scanner maximum available control channels: 40 main channel +40 trim
• Fixture Library: R20 pearl light library support                                                                       
• The total number of steps in a multi-step scenario: 600
• The number of scenes that can run simultaneously: 10                                                            
• The number of scenes that can be saved: 60
• Scene time control: fade in, fade out, LTP sliding                                                                     
• Graphics can be stored for each scene: 5
• Fader scenes and dimming: Support      
• Interlock Scene: Support                                    
• Point Control scenarios: support
• Graphics Generator: can generate Dimmer, P / T, RGB, CMY, Color, Gobo, Iris, Focus Graphics
• Graphics can be run at the same time the number: 10                                                               
• Master Fader: Global, repeat, lighting                                                                                                                      
• Dial to adjust the channel values: support



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